Online Nazra Quran

what is Nazra Quran?

Nazra is to read the Holy Quran verbally, without translation, and Hifz is the Recitation of the Holy Quran. (Quran recitation with the rules of Tajweed).

Can I learn Nazra Quran by myself

Can I learn to read Al-Quran by myself, or do I need a teacher? – Quora. Unfortunately no! Reading the Quran is not like reading a simple book or newspaper. …Ibn Abbas (RA) reports that the prophet (PBUH) said,

“Jibril taught me at first to recite the Quran following one” letter “(Harf).

Quran Nazra (Quran Reading Course)

Learn Quran Online with Quran Nazra (Quran reading) and become a reciter of the Quran with proper pronunciation and correct origins. Being a Muslim, it is our religious duty to learn to read Quran and not just that we should read it as per its commandments and that is what you will learn in this course. If you have any doubts that your Quran recitation is not up to mark then take admission to learn the holiest book of Almighty.

What will I learn

  1. Method of reading the Holy Quran with proper Makharij.
  2. Definitions of Hadar and Tarteel.
  3. Obligatory knowledge and teachings of Islam.

Nazra Course Details

1. Noorani Qaida (Exercises of All Harkaats And Rules of tajweed)

2. The Arabic Alphabet & their Proper Pronunciation

3. Consonants

4. Short Vowels (Harakat)

5. Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah)

6. Tanween

7. Soft Vowels (Huroof Leenah)

8. Noon Sakinah & Tanween

9. Rules of Raa

10. Rules of Laam

11. Noon Qutni

12. Waqf ( Proper Pausing and Stopping)

Let us help you and your children learn Noorani Qaida online. Our teachers have good experience and training in this little booklet on how to teach and bring children and students to a level where they can be smart when reading the book of Allah S.W.T.  If you need Qaida book we can give you free online via email and we have other courses of similar Qaida books Like Rehmani Qaida, Iqra Book 1-6 as well. Our teachers are well trained to teach Qaida course adults and kids.

  • Period according to student ability.
  • Duration 30 minutes daily.
  • Language English and Urdu.