How can I Hifz Quran (Memorization)Easily

Recite the entire passage out loud to get a feel for the rhythm. Avoid dividing a single ayah into parts. Focus on the meaning of the words rather than the sounds just for easy memorization. Most ayahs are quite short and are divided in a way that makes memorization easy.

How Long will it take to memorize the Quran

Study the Quran is divided into 114 Surahhs (chapters), which contains 6,236 verses (comprising about 80,000 words or 330,000 individual characters). If a person memorizes 20 ayahs (verses) a day, it can be completed within a year.

How can I memorize Quran faster

There are several ways to train your brain to memorize things faster and optimize learning. … Exercise to clear your head. Write what needs to be memorized over and over again. … Pray. … Study or practice in the afternoon. … Relate new things to what you already know. … Stay away from multitasking.

How can I memorize surha

First, write the ayah (verse) you would like to memorize in a notebook and the translation of that ayah. Second, recite the ayah 6 times, while looking at the Quran. Third, recite the ayah 5 times from memory. Fourth, go to the next place and follow the same steps described above.

8 tips for Memorize Quran

Hifz “or simply memorizing the Quran is a dream for all Muslims. However, most brothers and sisters complain that due to their busy daily schedules, they do not have time to devote to memorizing the Quran. We spoke to several Islamic scholars, many of whom had memorized the Quran, and asked for effective advice on how to master memorizing the Quran despite being busy with work and housework.

The tips they gave (specifically targeted at busy individuals) include the following:

1. – get up early in the morning

Be the first to wake up and, if possible, first offer Fajr prayers at the mosque. When you’re done with the morning prayers, instead of spending your time on frivolous activities like watching TV or surfing the Internet, spend a few minutes memorizing the Quran.

2. Set realistic goals and memorize less than you think you can

You may be tempted to memorize one or two pages per day, as this seems like a realistic goal. However, he may soon give up due to lack of time. Instead, lower your expectations and start memorizing three to five lines per day. Spending at least 20 minutes on this type of memorization technique will work for even the busiest of people.

3. Use the familiarity technique

Initially, when you start to memorize the Quran, you will naturally find unknown verses. Therefore, to keep them in memory, you can write five verses on a piece of paper and learn them by heart. Read those verses over and over again for the next few weeks to fully retain them in memory.

4. Keep daily verses at your fingertips

Use every free moment during the day to read and memorize the lines of the Quran you are remembering. For example, you can have several free minutes during the time you wait for a bus, an appointment at a doctor’s clinic, etc. You can keep the list of the verses for the day in your purse or pocket for easy access and reference when you have trouble remembering what you are learning.

5. Recite what you memorize in each salah

To further consolidate what you are learning in memory, you can recite daily verses in the five daily sentences. In each raka, you can alternate between the five verses that you learned the same day or the days before.

6. Follow your goals

If a page of the Quran contains at least 15 lines, at the end of the week you will have memorized two pages of the Quran and the pattern will continue until you have completely memorized the Quran. Also, you can learn verse by verse with translation and reflect on the meanings of it.

7. Distraction free environment

It is better to memorize the Quran in a secluded place with little or no distraction. By making sure the environment is quiet, you can increase focus and retain what you memorize. For example, as we mentioned earlier, early morning memorization sessions are very effective due to minimal distractions at the time. Plus, you can turn off your cell phone and laptop and focus solely on the Quran to increase attention.

 8. Review what you memorize as many times as possible in a single day

To memorize the Quran, it is important to review every verse you learn. You can use the following 3-method technique to make sure you keep everything you’ve learned:

Start a new memorization at the beginning of the day

Review the lines you learned the week before beginning new memorization. The logic behind this arrangement is that the newest memorization is the one that is often forgotten first. Therefore, reviewing the previous parts of the Quran beforehand will prove to be a good warm-up exercise for your brain.

Also, you can create connections between previously memorized and new material you are about to memorize. During the same day at another time, review the material you learned before the previous seven days. You can use the Quran memorization apps to stay in line with your memorization goals.

In conclusion, you will discover that no matter how busy you are, if you try to implement the advice mentioned above, you will be able to memorize small fragments of the Quran and finally complete the memorization over some time. However, the key to memorizing the Quran is consistency, dedication, and hard work. Also, the blessings of doing so are immense, it will not only increase your Imaan and taqwa but also your self-esteem and confidence.